Welcome to Pro Patria Lodge No.4144

Past Masters Board


Hello, my name is Tony Ball and I'm presently Master of Pro Patria Lodge for 2017-2018. I'd like to welcome you to our website.

Here we hope to showcase our Lodge, it's proud history, our Masonic traditions and also to tell you about the support we give to charities. We also hope that it will give everyone an opportunity to see what we are doing in our local community, and provide them with further information should they wish to join the noble and honourable fraternity of Freemasons here in Birmingham in the West Midlands.

Please browse our site and learn about our beginings, it's an easy way to find out about Freemasonry and maybe take a look at our Facebook group too. 

2017 is a special year for us in English Freemasonry as it marks our tercentenary; 300 years since the first Freemasons Grand Lodge was formed in London. To mark this very special anniversary the United Grand Lodge of England has opened its doors to TV cameras for the first time. 'Inside The Freemasons' is a documentary being broadcast on Sky TV and will give anyone interested a good idea of what Freemasonry is about. 

Finally, if you wish to find out more about becoming a Freemason in the West Midlands region, joining our Lodge in particular or Freemasonry in general please go to the Contact Us page and drop us a line. Our Lodge Information Officer will be very happy to respond. 

Best wishes